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Archive for March, 2008

Speaker of Aether

So I’m sitting at my computer, immersed in a literature survey for my term project, listening to TOOL at full volume, when all of a sudden I hear a loud “dit-dit-dit-dit-deeeeet–ditditdit-dit—–dit——dit——dit”. Took me about three seconds to realize it’s coming from my speakers. So then I went, “ET!!! WOOHOOO- I KNEW IT!!!”
But, as some wise [...]

March 14, 2008 • Tags: , • Posted in: Dileep's • 3 Comments

Who do you know?

So my college batch embarks on a most distressing adventure, one of creating an yearbook with expository information on everyone in the two hundred thirty strong ensemble. The venture is distressing because the few volunteers who’re organizing the data collection, formatting and printing process have had little time to sleep in the past few [...]

March 10, 2008 • Tags: , , • Posted in: Karthik's • No Comments

The IF thing: resources

This is a short addendum to the post I wrote earlier detailing why you should play Interactive Fiction. (Humour the evangelist, go read!)
So how do you go about playing experiencing IF?
Pick up the phone booth and die is a starkly minimalist (even by IF standards) foot-in-mouth piece of non-sequitur that takes about a minute to [...]