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Somewhat out of character, this will be a pseudo-meta-post with near-zero original content. Let us begin with what I read in the papers today:

Face palm

Humour aside, what really got me into writing about something this clichéd and media-hijacked is humanity’s blatant amnesia at display everyday on TV and in the papers. Granted that it is important not to get carried away by all the religious hype being generated. Even informed heresy is acceptable. But why are vested interest groups resorting to childish tactics?? And why is nobody able to see through them?

At this rate, Youtube will become the sole source of accessible sanity.

KVM had an interesting take on apocalyptic prophecies:

Gloom and Doom is an infallible stance, because of survivorship bias. Either people are vacationing in the Bahamas not caring about your wrong prediction, or are marveling at your foresight :)

But I couldn’t resist wondering at how conservatism has had its place throughout human history, and “progress” has always been associated with doom. To quote from Thief, my favourite work of fiction yet:

The world as I once knew it was a place of magic - full of mystery and inhabited by creatures of glamour and terror. The men who lived there lit their bonfires and wondered at what crept and lurked in the darkness outside their weak circles of light. All their dreams, their aspirations and dreads, come from that darkness.

Now, as the forces of "progress" cover the meadows in brick and cobblestone, as they replace the majestic loft of tree with the blocky ponderousness of building, they also light the world in their electric, actinic glare. With the lighting of the shadows, man loses his ability to fear, and to dream.

The night, once the font of the unknown,
becomes only the lack of the sun.

Pagans have a way of getting things right. And stranger still, the "liberals" are fighting for a "conservative" approach, while the "conservatives" are crying foul. I love this language.

Maybe it IS a bad thing to romanticise this issue, serious though it may be. I have always believed that trying to solve this issue by balancing super-aggregated national numbers is really a case of looking at the wrong level of abstraction. This is largely a technical problem, and deserves a technical answer. Very little will come off of policy making and pledges by people who understand little. Nonetheless, it’ll be amusing to see how the leaders of men react to entire (island) nations literally disappear off the face of Midgard. The tragedy is that most people crazy enough to want to save the world from itself don’t take up technical studies, but descend into the largely ineffective field of activism.

Stands He then in the greens and festered Maw and speeds He out his judgements upon the weeps and writhing manfools!

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Kushal said:
12 Decmber, 2009 at 10:12 am

Ha, I loved that youtube video.

What’s more amazing is that in the comments section there are people quoting those same email excerpts as arguments against the video. Did they not watch it at all?